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Photo Gallery - February 2005 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The anchorage at Kolonia (the main town of Ponpei which is the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia) as seen from the deck at Rumors Bar.







Brian from "Sooke" and Gordon of "Islay Mist" at Rumors Bar.








Graham and Jenna off "Dragonfly". 








Jonah was playing with a hammer and nail and managed to drive one right through his thumb. We had to take him to the hospital, which was an ordeal in itself, to have the nail removed and the holes filled in. 









Approaching the atoll of Nukuoro after finally leaving Pohnpei. Of course, as usual, we have no wind. Sometimes we don't have no wind, then we have too much wind. Nothing in between.







Landfall off Nukuoro Atoll. If you look carefull (on the full size photo) you can see between these two motus (islets surrounding a lagoon) other little motus which are on the opposite side of the lagoon.







Looking for the opening into the lagoon (pass) is always fun. The pass at Nukuoro is by far the narrowest lagoon pass we have ever entered. It is - at its narrowest - only about 100ft wide, though it looks less then that! 







Not long after we arrived and anchored, Johanna, in the yellow canoe below, came by and gave us bananas and drinking nuts and took Jonah for a liitle ride. 







Jonah loved it. Johanna was the first of many Nukuorans who visited us during the first week bringing gifts of fruit, fish, crabs and even a lobster.







The village of Nukuoro is situated on the motu (islet) of the same name, the largest in the lagoon. The village fronts the lagoon and homes are spaced along the beach. One of the most unique features of Nukuoro (other then that all the homes are built in traditional fashion with traditional materials) are the over the water out-houses.






This shot of the main island shows village homes along the beach as well as the over water toilets mentioned above. 







Just a small portion of the many gifts of food we received at Nukuoro. On the left is a basket filled with lemons (greenish before they are fully ripe then they turn yellow).







Jonah reading in the saloon. Since his room was rearranged to allow us to carry supplies from Pohnpei, Jonah slept for a few nights in the saloon (as he always does when we are on passage).







At left is Mona-lisa and in front are her two kids. Mona-lisa also visited us at anchor to bring gifts and when we went ashore we spent some time visiting with her and her family. Her husband, Curtis, is a wood carver and Kate and Jonah bought a carved tuna from him for the Skipper's birthday.









The main drag on Nukuoro. Like most Polynesian villages, this one is well laid out, clean and tidy and has a nice central thorofare running through the village. 









One of the lovely traditional homes favored by one and all on Nukuoro. 







Each home site consists of several buildings. Normally a beachfront "living room" hut with dirt floor and a wooden platform perhaps, a cooking area, etc. Away from the shore, a raised cabin with wooden floor and rafters is used for sleeping and dressing. 






Some are more elaborate then others. Some we have seen are completely screened off and have futons and built in cupboards and dressers. 







A taro pit in the central part of the island. 









This particular structure caught our eyes. It has a padlock on it and benches along the sides. It could be a meeting house or a small church. 









Another shot of the structure shown above. You can also see in these two shots what a beautiful day it was. We had wonderful weather for the first 6 days we spent at Nukuoro. After that it rained for two weeks.







One of the over water outhouses as seen from ashore. A raised walkway allows one to walk out to the outhouse over the water.







The village church.









The ocean-side of the atoll. Few people live on the ocean side, but there are a few. Down the beach an out-house can be seen perched over the ocean.









The ocean side of Nukuoro Island.








Looking North along the beach.









Walking through the brush heading to the lagoon side from the ocean side of the island.









Baking day on the Queen Jane is always exciting. On this day the skipper baked a cherry pie and a pair of sourdough breads.









Some kids we passed while walking through the village.








Our friend Joap and his boy Bosco. Jonah and Bosco became fast friends almost as soon as we arrived. Jonah even accompanied Bosco to school for a few days.







Joap's canoe. This boat has a sail and is also sometimes paddled.








The skipper at the helm of the dinghy while exploring the lagoon.








An especially picturesque village home on the lagoon side.